Student Spotlights

You can find our students engaging in meaningful scholarship, participating in campus and community activism, and paving new paths to gender equity and justice. Don't believe us? Read a little bit about some of our rockstar students on this page, and be sure to check out the entire archive of our Student Spotlight series on our blog by clicking the link below.

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Kristen Graham

Kristen Graham headshot

"As a queer black woman at a predominantly white institution, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate... but studying throughout WGS has helped me hone my skills of critical thinking. I now look deeper into everything, even my own belief systems, to better understand what has led me to those beliefs and whether or not they continue to match my personal values." - Kristen Graham, WGS major

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Jasmine Tindalljasmine headshot

"I chose to study WGS because it has fueled my passion for social justice. It's provided me with a foundation for understanding the root cause of different oppressions, which I think is the first step to making a better life for all." - Jasmine Tindall, WGS major

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Raegan Whitesideraegan headshot

"I think every CofC student should take a WGS class before they graduate because we are in the 21st century and it's time to quit denying the obvious - that we need change and we need equality and we need everyone on board. WGS is for those who want to actually make a difference in our communities, society, and culture." - Raegan Whiteside, WGS major

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