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You can find our students engaging in meaningful scholarship, participating in campus and community activism, and paving new paths to gender equity and justice. Don't believe us? Read a little bit about some of our rockstar students on this page, and be sure to check out the entire archive of our Student Spotlight series on our blog by clicking the link below.

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Marissa Haynes (she/her)

Marissa Haynes Profile Pic
"My academic career in WGS has pushed me to ask and begin to answer difficult questions about the functionality of society as we know it and my role in it. I truly believe in the power of a WGS education to make students not only productive members of society but constructive ones: instilling in students the tools to approach the real world issues that they will inevitably face post-grad and to make effective change in the world around them." - Marissa Haynes, WGS major

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Denver Tanner (they/them)Denver Tanner Profile Pic

"My first experience with a WGS course was as a tutor for the REACH program in spring 2020. I was tutoring a student in an introduction to WGS course. I actually took the same course last semester for a minor requirement and my professor used the same textbook. This introduction to the program was one of my first college experiences in intersectionality, equity, and greatly aided in my pathway to accepting myself as a member of the LGBT community. My second experience with a WGS course was in Trujillo, Spain with Dr. Kendra Stewart. She taught a comparison course about the lives of women in America and Spain. This class is what inspired me to make WGS one of my minors." - Denver Tanner, WGS minor

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Lauren Graham (she/her)Lauren Graham Profile Pic

"I hope to attend medical school and, after my residency, practice within the field of women’s health. I am extremely interested in the current issues that are relevant to women’s health in the United States and further globally. I feel that my research with the Women’s Health Research Team is helping me to prepare for issues and phenomena that I will definitely encounter throughout my career." - Lauren Graham, WGS minor

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