How to Apply for WGS Scholarships

As of Fall 2019, the College of Charleston has switched to an online scholarship awarding system called the Cougar Scholarship Award System. This new system, the Cougar Scholarship Award System (CSAS), will be how you apply for all privately funded scholarships. CSAS gives you access to all scholarships that are available to you through one easy application. To apply for Women's & Gender Studies Program Scholarships you will need to log on to

  • Applications for 2023-2024 scholarships are open. The applications can be accessed here:
  • You will need to make sure your Banner information is updated and that you have submitted your FAFSFA.
  • This is only for departmental and foundation awarded scholarships and does not include any state or federal funding you may have. For more information on state and federal funding opportunities please go to

Alison Piepmeier Scholarship

The Alison Piepmeier Scholarship was established in honor of the late Alison Piepmeier, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Director of the Women's and Gender Studies program at the College of Charleston. Alison was a scholar and feminist, known for her activism and her many publications including her book Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism. The scholarship’s goal is to reward a Women's and Gender Studies student with a record of feminist scholarship and activism. The awardee must be a full-time student at the College of Charleston and a Women’s and Gender Studies major or minor, must have an academic GPA of at least 3.0, and must have a demonstrated record of feminist activism and leadership. This scholarship is $2,500 for one student.

Check back soon for more information on 2023-24 scholarship deadlines. The application deadline for this scholarship is in February or March every year. Applications typically open in November.

The Skirt. Magazine Endowed Scholarship

The Skirt. Magazine Endowed Scholarship was established in 2012 by Skirt! Magazine’s founder and original editor, Nikki Hardin. Skirt. Magazine is a monthly print publication and website for women.

Hardin was a single mom with three children when she started college, at the age of 29. She earned a B.A. in Literature from American University in 1976 and attended graduate school at the University of Virginia on a Governor’s Fellowship. She started her first full-time job a year later when she was hired as a secretary at Reston Publishing Company, a subsidiary of Prentice-Hall. In 1985 she moved to Charleston, SC and spent the next few years working part-time jobs. She founded Skirt. Magazine in 1994 with not much more than $400 and the desire to have something interesting to read.

The Skirt. scholarship is $2,000 per year

Check back soon for more information on 2023-24 scholarship deadlines. The application deadline for this scholarship is in February or March each year. Applications typically open in November. 

Ketner Emerging Leaders Scholarship

The Ketner Emerging Leaders Scholarship was established to reward students with a record of working to achieve social justice, to encourage students to become integrally involved in activities to promote social justice, and promote leadership that leads to social justice.  The intent is to inspire and financially aid students who are actively engaged in creating and promoting social justice locally, nationally, and globally. It is the Donor's wish that through this scholarship, and the experiences that recipients have at the College, that Ketner Emerging Leaders will be change agents who identify social problems and devise steps to ameliorate those problems.  Ketner scholars are not simply volunteers.  They are change agents that are committed to making a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally.


The Ketner-Crunelle LGBTQ+ Endowed Scholarship

The Ketner-Crunelle LGBTQ+ Endowed Scholarship is the only one of its kind at the College of Charleston. It is offered to those who will contribute significantly in matters of concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer persons, because they have worked to build coalitions that advance the full equality and dignity of LGBTQ+ persons, and because they are able to describe how they plan to help advance LGBTQ+ persons’ full equity, equality, and dignity during their time at the College of Charleston.