Student Resources

In WGS, the students come first.  We excel at providing our students with a personalized education.  High-impact learning experiences and personalized attention are routine, both in our classrooms and in shaping our students’ minors and majors.  Recently a new WGS major expressed her delight that, in WGS, we get to know our students well, and we work as closely as possible with our minors and majors so that they get what they need.  For instance, we regularly find or develop internships that meet our students’ particular interests and help them prepare for graduate school and career possibilities.  We encourage independent studies for students whose research agendas stretch beyond our curriculum.  We offer a teaching assistant program so that experienced WGS students can serve as peer educators in sections of WGST 200.  And much more.

Why WGS?

Almost every semester, the WGS program hosts an info session and interest meeting that we call "Why WGS?" At the event, we connect interested students with all our program has to offer them and invite current faculty and students to speak on current courses, challenges, and opportunities within WGS. We also discuss program alumni's job placement and the career possibilities a degree in WGS can offer students.

View this year's "Why WGS?" presentation at the link below. Feel free to share this with your friends and family when they ask you, "Why WGS?" :)

Why WGS? Presentation Fall 2019