Student Support

Student Support in WGS

One of the many benefits to studying Women's & Gender Studies is the strong sense of community our students find in their classes and with their classmates. While WGS is home to over 100 students (including majors and minors) with a wide variety of interests, students in WGS find themselves a part of a strong and inclusive community within the program after declaring their major or minor.

Additionally, the WGS program is structured to foster these strong interpersonal relationships, with small class sizes and discussion-based classes to ensure students establish meaningful connections with both their classmates and their professors. The WGS Capstone, taken by all WGS majors in their Spring semester of their senior year, is the culmination of their four years of study. The capstone course allows WGS seniors to reflect upon their time within the major and further strengthen their relationships with their graduating class.

While students feel supported by the WGS program and their professors and peers, there are also additional resources on campus that the program encourages students to utilize during their time here at the College. Some of the many on-campus resources include:


Student Support FAQ:

What resources are available for Women’s & Gender Studies students? 

For information on scholarships and student funding, see the next question (below). There are many resources available to WGS students through the program. The WGS library, located in our offices at 7 College Way (room 100, first floor), is available to students for use on assignments and undergraduate research and contains hundreds of WGS-related books and resources. The WGS office is also a great spot to work on homework, practice presentations, and even make protest posters with supplies from the WGS supply closet.


The program also frequently supports and sponsors WGS-related student organizations, partnering with them for events and offering mentorship to student leaders.

Are there any scholarship opportunities or funding support offered to Women's & Gender Studies majors and minors? 

There are many avenues for financial support for students in WGS. Students may be eligible for one of many WGS scholarships, including the Alison Piepmeier Endowed Scholarship, the Skirt. Magazine Endowed Scholarship, the Ketner Emerging Leaders Scholarship or the Ketner-Crunelle Endowed Scholarship. For more information about scholarship requirements and deadlines, please visit our WGS Scholarships page.


WGS students are also eligible to apply for funding through the WGS Student Opportunities Fund, available to students to finance their studies in WGS a myriad of ways. Previous Student Opportunities Fund recipients have received support for study abroad programs, living expenses while completing summer internships, travel to regional and national conferences, and funding for individual undergraduate research projects. Most notably, with the help of the Student Opportunities Fund, WGS is able to send students and professors to the Southeastern Women's Studies Association (SEWSA) annual conference each year to present their work.