Faculty and Staff Listing


Kris De Welde

Office: 7 College Way, Room 100
Phone: 843.953.7594
E-mail: deweldek@cofc.edu

Interim Associate Director

Claire Curtis

Office: 9 Liberty St, Room 222
Phone: 843.953.5724
E-mail: curtisc@cofc.edu

Administrative Assistant

Priscilla Thomas

Office: 7 College Way, Room 100
Phone: 843.953.2280
E-mail: thomaspr@cofc.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Name Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Kristi Brian Intersectional perspectives on environmental racism, political economy of the family (transnational/transracial adoption), feminist perspectives on mass incarceration, critical methods for social justice dialogue n/a briankj@cofc.edu
Jennifer Cavalli

History of gender and sexuality, renaissance women's communities, early modern gender and religion, history of emotion

n/a cavallija@cofc.edu
Meg Goettsches

Global feminisms, violence and Africa, women and Africa, Queer communities and spaces in Africa, Gender-based violence in campus settings, impactful activism, intersectional feminism discourses, social justice

843.953.7682 goettschesms@cofc.edu
Caroline Guthrie Mass media, feminist film theory, visual culture, critical race studies, biopolitics, popular histories, intersectionality n/a guthriecl1@cofc.edu
Sarah Holihan-Smith Women's health, pregnancy and childbirth, mothering and sexuality, ethnic birth disparities, Gullah Geechee culture and history, African American women’s fiction, Womanism, gender, sexuality and identity 843.953.0756 holihansmiths@cofc.edu
Ashley Wendt Maternal and Child Health, Women's Health, International Development, Social Determinants of Health, Health Equity, Nonprofit Management, Program Evaluation, Program Development, Grant Writing n/a wendtam@cofc.edu
Malia Womack Intersectionality, Collective Identities and Identity, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Transnational Feminisms, Global Human Rights, LGBTQIA+ issues, Global Poverty and Poverty, Globalization, US Imperialism, Latin American Studies, Puerto Rican Studies, Feminist Methods and Methodologies n/a womackml@cofc.edu

Affiliated Faculty*

* information on the affiliation process located at the bottom of the page.
Name Department Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Appler, Vivian Theatre & Dance Women, performance, science; feminist theatre and performance; feminist and postcolonial performances of global and planetary policy 843.953.6306


Avendano, Nadia Hispanic Studies Latin American women writers, Latina and Chicana women writers, Chican@ & Latinx studies 843.953.5364 avendanon@cofc.edu
Bakanic, Von Sociology & Anthropology Gender prejudices, intersectionality, social psychology 843.953.7105 bakanicv@cofc.edu
Beck, Emily Hispanic Studies 843.953.5412 becke@cofc.edu
Beres Rogers, Kathleen English 843.953.5664 rogerskb@cofc.edu
Bidwell, Deb Biology 843.953.7107 bidwelld@cofc.edu
Birrer, Doryjane English Affect theory and intersubjectivity, feminist and queer narratology, literature and trauma studies, contemplative studies/radicalizing contemplative education 843.953.4916 birrerd@cofc.edu
Borg, Barbara Sociology 843.953.5738 borgb@cofc.edu
Boyle, Deborah Philosophy 843.953.7810 boyled@cofc.edu
Bruns, John English Film, feminist film theory, gender & sexuality in film 843.953.4957 brunsj@cofc.edu
Butler, Tamara Avery Research Center

Black Girlhood Studies, Black Feminist Studies, Critical Literacy Studies, Black Geographies

843.953.7609 butlertt@cofc.edu
Carens, Tim English

19th-century British literature, Victorian novels and film adaptations, representation of gender, feminist and queer interpretations, Gothic literature, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, the Brontës, and other specific writers

n/a carenst@cofc.edu
Carrico, Alexis Management & Marketing


Collins-Frohlich, Jesslyn English collinsfrohlichjr@cofc.edu
Coseru, Christian Philosophy 843.953.1935 coseruc@cofc.edu
Coy, Jason History 843.953.8273 coyj@cofc.edu
Crabtree, Mari African American Studies Black radical feminism, intersectionality, racial violence n/a crabtreemn@cofc.edu
Curtis, Claire Political Science Feminist utopia, feminist legal theory, theories of justice, sexual harassment  843.953.6510 curtisc@cofc.edu
Day, Chris Political Science 843.953.6617 dayc@cofc.edu
Delay, Cara History Reproduction, women's health, women's history, gender history 843.953.7597 delayc@cofc.edu
Divine, Susan Hispanic Studies Women writers, gender construction, urban theory, contemporary Spain n/a divinesm@cofc.edu

Doire, Louise


Religious Studies Women and religion, religion and feminism, feminist biblical critique 843.953.5939 doirel@cofc.edu
Eaves, Shannon History 843.953.1420 eavessc@cofc.edu
Eichelberger, Julia English 843.953.5646 eichelbergerj@cofc.edu
Erman, Irina German & Russian Studies Gender & sexuality in Russian culture, vampires 843.953.8063 ermanim@cofc.edu
Farrell, Susan English Contemporary women writers, gender and literature, women and war 843.953.5785 farrells@cofc.edu
Ferguson, Brigit Art & Architectural History 843.953.5198 fergusonconwaybg@cofc.edu
Ferrara, Merissa Communication 843.953.6788 ferraramh@cofc.edu
Ford, Lynne Political Science Women in politics, political representation of women, political ambition gap 843.953.6531 fordl@cofc.edu
France, Hollis Political Science 843.953.6324 franceh@cofc.edu
Frazier, Valerie English 843.953.1921 frazierv@cofc.edu
Haykal, Aaisha Library/Avery Research Center African American history, digital preservation, censorship, and community archiving 843-953-7608 haykalan@cofc.edu
Hough, Sheridan Philosophy 843.953.5681 houghs@cofc.edu
Hughes, Melissa Biology Women in STEM, function & evolution of female aggression and sexual behavior 843.953.6557 hughesm@cofc.edu
Ingram, Tammy History 843.953.1915 ingramt@cofc.edu
Jones, Elisa History Race and Gender in the History of Rights; History of Human Rights; History of Political Thought; History of Religious Toleration and Secularism; History of the Book and Censorship; Digital History, Archives, and Access; Renaissance and Reformation; France; Early Modern Europe and the Atlantic World 843.953.1420 jonesej@cofc.edu 
Kollath-Catano, Christy Health & Human Performance Gender and health 843.953.5558 kollathcattanocl@cofc.edu
Korey, Chris Biology Genetics & medicine, genetic technologies, social and ethical issues of genetics, personal genome sequencing 843.953.7178 koreyc@cofc.edu
Kraft, Amanda Library Critical librarianship as applied to information, digital, data, and algorithmic literacy instruction 843.953.6791 kraftal@cofc.edu
Lacroix, Celeste Communication 843.953.5654 lacroixc@cofc.edu
LeVasseur, Todd Religious Studies, Environmental & Sustainability Studies Sustainable agriculture, sustainability, ecofeminism, ecowomanism, material feminisms, religious studies, environmental history, religion and nature/ecology 843.953.3911 levasseurtj@cofc.edu
Lewis, Simon English African women writers (particularly Zimbabwean, South African, & Nigerian writers) 843.953.1920 lewiss@cofc.edu
Mazzone, Marian Art History 843.953.7165 mazzonem@cofc.edu
McLean, Kristen International Studies Fatherhood, Masculinities, Gender and Health, Critical Medical Anthropology, West Africa 843.953.1401 mcleanke@cofc.edu
McReynolds-Perez, Julia Sociology & Anthropology Sexualities, global feminist movements, Latin American reproductive rights activism n/a mcreynoldsperezja@cofc.edu
ndunda, mutindi Teacher Education access to educational opportunities and the qualities of these opportunities; how race, gender, class and other isms influence these opportunities; who has access to subjects that lead to well-paying careers, particularly in STEM 843.697.2112 ndundam@cofc.edu 
O'Brien, Michael Music Gender and sexuality in music, Gendered listening practices, Embodiment, Music and politics, Music and protest 843.953.0431 obrienms@cofc.edu
Owens, Sarah Hispanic Studies Early Modern Hispanic women writers, Colonial Latin American women writers, health and healing 843.953.7186 owenss@cofc.edu
Pollack, Harriet English The body in Southern literature and culture, women's body in fiction and photography, whiteness & race in the fiction of Eudora Welty, 20th C Southern literature, literature of the Civil Rights era n/a pollackh@cofc.edu
Poole, Scott History 843.953.4862 poolews@cofc.edu
Quinn, E. Moore Sociology & Anthropology Language and gender, language and power, language and minorities, linguistic ideologies, sex and power 843.953.7306 quinne@cofc.edu
Ravalico, Lauren French, Francophone, & Italian Studies Women's history in France, French women writers 843.953.4964 ravalicold@cofc.edu
Rosko, Emily English Creative writing, 20th/21st-century poetry, lyric essay, genre theory, feminist theory, writing and identity n/a roskoe@cofc.edu
Ross, Lisa Thomson Psychology Psychology of gender, feminist identity development, sexual assault, sex education, mental health 843.953.6776 rossl@cofc.edu
Scott-Copses, Meg English 843.953.5664 scottcopsesm@cofc.edu
Seaman, Myra English Medieval women's literature and culture, feminist theoretical approaches, domestic/household economy 843.953.5760 seamanm@cofc.edu
Segal, Oren 843.953.7585 segalo@cofc.edu
Signori, Lisa French, Francophone, & Italian Studies 843.953.0872 signoril@cofc.edu
Slater, Sandra History American gender and sexuality, Early America, Early Modern Atlantic World 843.953.3622 slaters@cofc.edu
Sundstrom, Beth Communication Women's reproductive health, reproductive justice, health communication, social marketing 843.953.7599 sundstrombl@cofc.edu
Trochmann, Maren Political Science Social equity in public service; gender, intersectionality, and public programs; housing policy 843.953.1036 trochmannmb@cofc.edu
Wallace, Kymberly 843.953.5558 wallacekl@cofc.edu
Welch, Allison Biology 843.953.5451 welcha@cofc.edu
Wilhelm, Jenn Psychology sex differences in plasticity of the nervous system after injury, sex steroid hormones, exercise, and medical rehabilitation 843.619.7146 wilhelmjc@cofc.edu 
Winfield, Idee (Retired) Sociology Gender employment inequalities, gendered organizations, intersectionality 843.953.4899 winfieldi@cofc.edu
Wofford, Claire Political Science Gender and law/courts, gender and politics 843.953.5217 woffordcb@cofc.edu
Wright, Jen Psychology Impact of violence and mass trauma on women and marginalized communities; social and environmental (esp. climate change) justice; social change; structure and function of community; food/housing insecurity and mental health 843.953.8196 wrightjj1@cofc.edu
Zeiner-Carmichael, Noelle Classics 843.953.8062 carmichaeln@cofc.edu

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Allison Piepmeier. Timothy Carmichael. Richard Nunan.