Faculty and Staff Listing


Lauren Ravalico

Office: JC Long 405
E-mail: ravalicold@cofc.edu

Associate Director


Administrative Coordinator

Priscilla Thomas

Office: 7 College Way, Room 100
Phone: 843.953.2280
E-mail: thomaspr@cofc.edu


Name Department Areas of Expertise Phone Email
De Welde, Kris Women's & Gender Studies Intersectional inequalities in higher education, gender, women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), sustainability, and critical pedagogy 843.953.5794 deweldek@cofc.edu
Dominguez, Cristina Women's & Gender Studies Intersectional, anti-racist, decolonial, feminist theory and pedagogy, LGBTQ+ studies and queer pedagogy, social justice education and critical pedagogy, qualitative and post-qualitative research methods, critical autoethnography


Adjunct Faculty

Name Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Kristi "Kaj" Brian Intersectional perspectives on environmental racism, political economy of the family (transnational/transracial adoption), feminist perspectives on mass incarceration, critical methods for social justice dialogue n/a briankj@cofc.edu
Jennifer Cavalli

History of gender and sexuality, renaissance women's communities, early modern gender and religion, history of emotion

n/a cavallija@cofc.edu
Meg Goettsches

Global feminisms, violence and Africa, women and Africa, Queer communities and spaces in Africa, Gender-based violence in campus settings, impactful activism, intersectional feminism discourses, social justice

843.953.7682 goettschesms@cofc.edu
Caroline Guthrie Mass media, feminist film theory, visual culture, critical race studies, biopolitics, popular histories, intersectionality n/a guthriecl1@cofc.edu
Sarah Holihan-Smith Women's health, pregnancy and childbirth, mothering and sexuality, ethnic birth disparities, Gullah Geechee culture and history, African American women’s fiction, Womanism, gender, sexuality and identity 843.953.0756 holihansmiths@cofc.edu
Dru McDaniel n/a dlmcdani@cofc.edu
Malia Womack Intersectionality, Collective Identities and Identity, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Transnational Feminisms, Global Human Rights, LGBTQIA+ issues, Global Poverty and Poverty, Globalization, US Imperialism, Latin American Studies, Puerto Rican Studies, Feminist Methods and Methodologies n/a womackml@cofc.edu

Affiliated Faculty*

* information on the affiliation process located at the bottom of the page.
Name Department Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Arroyo, Julia Sociology & Anthropology Children and youth, race and racism, gender, poverty and social class, intersectionality, families,
grandparents raising grandchildren, fathers, child welfare systems
Avendano, Nadia Hispanic Studies Latin American women writers, Latina and Chicana women writers, Chican@ & Latinx studies 843.953.5364 avendanon@cofc.edu
Bakanic, Von Sociology & Anthropology Gender prejudices, intersectionality, social psychology 843.953.7105 bakanicv@cofc.edu
Beck, Emily Hispanic Studies 843.953.5412 becke@cofc.edu
Beres Rogers, Kathleen English 843.953.5664 rogerskb@cofc.edu
Bidwell, Deb Biology 843.953.7107 bidwelld@cofc.edu
Birrer, Doryjane English Affect theory and intersubjectivity, feminist and queer narratology, literature and trauma studies, contemplative studies/radicalizing contemplative education 843.953.4916 birrerd@cofc.edu
Borg, Barbara Sociology 843.953.5738 borgb@cofc.edu
Boyle, Deborah Philosophy 843.953.7810 boyled@cofc.edu
Bruns, John English Film, feminist film theory, gender & sexuality in film 843.953.4957 brunsj@cofc.edu
Butler, Tamara Avery Research Center

Black Girlhood Studies, Black Feminist Studies, Critical Literacy Studies, Black Geographies

843.953.7609 butlertt@cofc.edu
Carens, Tim English

19th-century British literature, Victorian novels and film adaptations, representation of gender, feminist and queer interpretations, Gothic literature, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, the Brontës, and other specific writers

n/a carenst@cofc.edu
Carrico, Alexis Management & Marketing


Collins-Frohlich, Jesslyn English collinsfrohlichjr@cofc.edu
Coseru, Christian Philosophy 843.953.1935 coseruc@cofc.edu
Covert, Lisa History Latin America, economic development, tourism, disaster studies 843.953.1420 covertlp@cofc.edu
Coy, Jason History 843.953.8273 coyj@cofc.edu
Crabtree, Mari African American Studies Black radical feminism, intersectionality, racial violence n/a crabtreemn@cofc.edu
Curtis, Claire Political Science Feminist utopia, feminist legal theory, theories of justice, sexual harassment  843.953.6510 curtisc@cofc.edu
Delay, Cara History Reproduction, women's health, women's history, gender history 843.953.7597 delayc@cofc.edu
Divine, Susan Hispanic Studies Women writers, gender construction, urban theory, contemporary Spain n/a divinesm@cofc.edu

Doire, Louise


Religious Studies Women and religion, religion and feminism, feminist biblical critique 843.953.5939 doirel@cofc.edu
Eaves, Shannon History 843.953.1420 eavessc@cofc.edu
Eichelberger, Julia English 843.953.5646 eichelbergerj@cofc.edu
Erman, Irina German & Russian Studies Gender & sexuality in Russian culture, vampires 843.953.8063 ermanim@cofc.edu
Farrell, Susan English Contemporary women writers, gender and literature, women and war 843.953.5785 farrells@cofc.edu
Ferguson, Brigit Art & Architectural History 843.953.5198 fergusonconwaybg@cofc.edu
Ferrara, Merissa Communication 843.953.6788 ferraramh@cofc.edu
Ford, Lynne Political Science Women in politics, political representation of women, political ambition gap 843.953.6531 fordl@cofc.edu
France, Hollis Political Science 843.953.6324 franceh@cofc.edu
Frazier, Valerie English 843.953.1921 frazierv@cofc.edu
Garcia, Christina Hispanic Studies Caribbean Literature and Art, Ecofeminism, Critical Animal Studies, Posthumanism garciacm@cofc.edu
Glenn, Colleen English Star Studies, Gender and Film, American Cinema, Industry Studies, Twentieth-Century American Literature 843.953-0276 glenncm@cofc.edu
Harris, Tiffany Teacher Education Autoethnography, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Black Girlhood Studies, Black Feminism, Digital Humanities, Indigeneity, Speculative Fiction, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, & U.S. South   843.953.4682 harristo@cofc.edu
Haykal, Aaisha Library/Avery Research Center African American history, digital preservation, censorship, and community archiving 843-953-7608 haykalan@cofc.edu
Hough, Sheridan Philosophy 843.953.5681 houghs@cofc.edu
Hughes, Melissa Biology Women in STEM, function & evolution of female aggression and sexual behavior 843.953.6557 hughesm@cofc.edu
Ingram, Tammy History 843.953.1915 ingramt@cofc.edu
Jones, Elisa History Race and Gender in the History of Rights; History of Human Rights; History of Political Thought; History of Religious Toleration and Secularism; History of the Book and Censorship; Digital History, Archives, and Access; Renaissance and Reformation; France; Early Modern Europe and the Atlantic World 843.953.1420 jonesej@cofc.edu 
Kollath-Catano, Christy Health & Human Performance Gender and health 843.953.5558 kollathcattanocl@cofc.edu
Korey, Chris Biology Genetics & medicine, genetic technologies, social and ethical issues of genetics, personal genome sequencing 843.953.7178 koreyc@cofc.edu
Kraft, Amanda Library Critical librarianship as applied to information, digital, data, and algorithmic literacy instruction 843.953.6791 kraftal@cofc.edu
Lacroix, Celeste Communication 843.953.5654 lacroixc@cofc.edu
LeVasseur, Todd Religious Studies, Environmental & Sustainability Studies Sustainable agriculture, sustainability, ecofeminism, ecowomanism, material feminisms, religious studies, environmental history, religion and nature/ecology 843.953.3911 levasseurtj@cofc.edu
Lewis, Simon English African women writers (particularly Zimbabwean, South African, & Nigerian writers) 843.953.1920 lewiss@cofc.edu
Maness, Sarah Health & Human Performance Social Determinants of Health, Health Equity, Reproductive Health, Public Health n/a manesssb@cofc.edu
Mazzone, Marian Art History 843.953.7165 mazzonem@cofc.edu
McLean, Kristen International Studies Fatherhood, Masculinities, Gender and Health, Critical Medical Anthropology, West Africa 843.953.1401 mcleanke@cofc.edu
McReynolds-Perez, Julia Sociology & Anthropology Sexualities, global feminist movements, Latin American reproductive rights activism n/a mcreynoldsperezja@cofc.edu
ndunda, mutindi Teacher Education access to educational opportunities and the qualities of these opportunities; how race, gender, class and other isms influence these opportunities; who has access to subjects that lead to well-paying careers, particularly in STEM 843.697.2112 ndundam@cofc.edu 
O'Brien, Michael Music Gender and sexuality in music, Gendered listening practices, Embodiment, Music and politics, Music and protest 843.953.0431 obrienms@cofc.edu
Owens, Sarah Hispanic Studies Early Modern Hispanic women writers, Colonial Latin American women writers, health and healing 843.953.7186 owenss@cofc.edu
Pollack, Harriet English The body in Southern literature and culture, women's body in fiction and photography, whiteness & race in the fiction of Eudora Welty, 20th C Southern literature, literature of the Civil Rights era n/a pollackh@cofc.edu
Poole, Scott History 843.953.4862 poolews@cofc.edu
Quinn, E. Moore Sociology & Anthropology Language and gender, language and power, language and minorities, linguistic ideologies, sex and power 843.953.7306 quinne@cofc.edu
Ravalico, Lauren French, Francophone, & Italian Studies Women's history in France, French women writers n/a ravalicold@cofc.edu
Rosko, Emily English Creative writing, 20th/21st-century poetry, lyric essay, genre theory, feminist theory, writing and identity n/a roskoe@cofc.edu
Ross, Lisa Thomson Psychology Psychology of gender, feminist identity development, sexual assault, sex education, mental health 843.953.6776 rossl@cofc.edu
Scott-Copses, Meg English 843.953.5664 scottcopsesm@cofc.edu
Seaman, Myra English Medieval women's literature and culture, feminist theoretical approaches, domestic/household economy 843.953.5760 seamanm@cofc.edu
Segal, Oren 843.953.7585 segalo@cofc.edu
Signori, Lisa French, Francophone, & Italian Studies 843.953.0872 signoril@cofc.edu
Slater, Sandra History American gender and sexuality, Early America, Early Modern Atlantic World 843.953.3622 slaters@cofc.edu
Spearman, Peter Theater & Dance Performance Studies, Memory studies, Practice as Research, Ethnography, Theatre, Bodies spearmanpb@cofc.edu
Sundstrom, Beth Communication Women's reproductive health, reproductive justice, health communication, social marketing 843.953.7599 sundstrombl@cofc.edu
Thomas, John Political Science Comparative racial politics, social movements, democracy, Afro-Latinx thomasj6@cofc.edu
Trent, Mary Art & Architectural History The history of American and African American Art and Photography trentms@cofc.edu
Trochmann, Maren Political Science Social equity in public service; gender, intersectionality, and public programs; housing policy 843.953.1036 trochmannmb@cofc.edu
Wallace, Kymberly 843.953.5558 wallacekl@cofc.edu
Welch, Allison Biology 843.953.5451 welcha@cofc.edu
Wilhelm, Jenn Psychology sex differences in plasticity of the nervous system after injury, sex steroid hormones, exercise, and medical rehabilitation 843.619.7146 wilhelmjc@cofc.edu 
Winfield, Idee (Retired) Sociology Gender employment inequalities, gendered organizations, intersectionality 843.953.4899 winfieldi@cofc.edu
Wofford, Claire Political Science Gender and law/courts, gender and politics 843.953.5217 woffordcb@cofc.edu
Wright, Jen Psychology Impact of violence and mass trauma on women and marginalized communities; social and environmental (esp. climate change) justice; social change; structure and function of community; food/housing insecurity and mental health 843.953.8196 wrightjj1@cofc.edu
Zeiner-Carmichael, Noelle Classics 843.953.8062 carmichaeln@cofc.edu

Affiliate with WGS

The faculty affiliate application will ask you discuss how you apply feminist praxis in your work (teaching, mentoring, scholarship, and/or service), and in particular how it aligns with the WGS mission and goals. We also ask for you to share with us the various ways you have engaged or plan to with the program.

In Grateful Memory:

Allison Piepmeier. Timothy Carmichael. Richard Nunan.