Faculty Committees

WGS Executive Committee

The WGS Executive Committee consists of faculty from across the College whose scholarship and/or teaching align with the mission of the program. The Executive Committee participates in program decision making, mentoring students, and represents the program on campus and in the community. 

Committee Members:

Vivian Appler, Cara Delay, Aaisha Haykal, Melissa Hughes, Christy Kollath Cattano, Julia McReynolds Perez, and mutindi ndunda

  • Library Liaison: Vivian Appler
  • Faculty Affiliates: Melissa Hughes
  • Internship Coordinator: Christy Kollath-Cattano

Ketner Emerging Leaders Scholarship Review Committee

  • Todd LeVasseur, Religious Studies
  • Sandy Slater, History

Alison Piepmeier Scholarship Review Committee

  • Kathy Beres-Rogers, English
  • Chris Korey, Biology

Skirt. Magazine Scholarship Review Committee

  • Lisa Ross, Psychology
  • Maren Trochmann, Political Science

Ketner-Crunelle LGBTQ+ Scholarship Review Committee

  • Vivian Appler, Theatre & Dance 
  • Claire Wofford, Political Science

Student Opportunities Funding Awards

  • Devin Byker, English
  • Alexis Carrico, Business
  • Allison Foley, Anthropology

WGS Program Assessment Committee

  • Jennifer Cavalli, WGS
  • Christy Kollath-Cattano, Public Health
  • Myra Seaman, English

WGS R&D Application Review Committee

  • Claire Curtis, Political Science
  • Kris De Welde, WGS
  • EC: Julia McReynolds-Perez, Sociology

Research Colloquia

  • EC: Cara Delay, History
  • Kristen McLean, International Studies