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Extracurricular Activities

WGS provides a number of co-curricular and extracurricular options for students.  One of the exciting co-curricular options is living in the WGS House at 2 Bull Street, a residential learning community.  The residents of the house take full advantage of having a residential learning community, hosting regular campus meetings and movie nights there as well as a weekly Sunday night “family dinners,” to which they invite WGS faculty affiliates to come, eat, and discuss.  Students interested in living in the WGS House should contact the WGS director.

Our students often have opportunities to be peer educators through such programs as Big Sibling/Little Sibling and Girls Rock Charleston.  The Big Sibling/Little Sibling program pairs incoming students with an existing WGS student to help them make the transition to college.  Girls Rock Charleston is a summer camp founded in Charleston by a number of CofC alums, including one of the first WGS graduating majors, Jenna Lyles.  It's a camp where girls and trans youth come to learn an instrument, perform as part of a band in the camp showcase, and are empowered to rock.  A number of WGS students have worked as interns and volunteers for Girls Rock Charleston since its creation. Here, Jenna is giving instrument lessons at the very first camp:

Girls Rock Charleston, 2011

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