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About the Program

The College of Charleston has offered women's studies courses since 1984 when it first offered a concentration in women's studies under the studia humanitatis program. The minor in Women's Studies began in 1989 under the founding director, Cheshire Calhoun, and was modeled after the Women's Studies Program at the University of South Carolina. The aim of the minor and the subsequent program was to correct gender bias in the conduct and content of academic knowledge.

The Women's Studies minor began holding events such as the Women's History month program and various lectures. These events have expanded over time, and the Women's and Gender Studies Program is currently one of the most active minors at the College of Charleston, sponsoring speakers frequently and fostering a sense of community among its minors and faculty.

As of the fall of 2010, we are one of the largest interdisciplinary programs on campus, with over 90 students.  We now also offer a major in Women's and Gender Studies.